Another intense, creative and amazing retreat on the beautiful, symbolic island of Bali April 2018. Read more about it here.

Below are images created in the Bali workshop exploring Death





From January to March 2018, we ran an 8 week series of Square the Circle workshops in West London. Here are some of the inspiring images created in the Death workshop. For more information on the workshops click here


Looking at death

March 2018




Death - Stage 1

Participants use this drawing to get into flow through colouring, thinking of what the image reminds them of – does it bring back any memories? Perhaps there are difficult or confusing memories related to the death of others, or stories about their family and ancestors. Have they had any dreams about these types of images, or that they feel relate to death? Does the image mirror their feelings about death? Turning the page around helps an exploration of relating more to images of hope and an afterlife, or those associated with a more earthly end. Perhaps they are reminded of stories and fairy tales, which they think about as they colour.

Death - Stage 2

In this drawing the image has been simplified, so that participants can explore their own ideas of death. Starting by treating the drawing like an inkblot, turning it round and looking from different aspects, participants can see if any new shapes or symbols emerge. They add their own symbols, shading, people, animals, myths and fairy tales without worrying if it is a ‘good’ drawing or not, just letting the ideas flow.

Death - Stage 3

This page gives participants space to make a note of symbols, memories and dreams conjured up by death. They can draw their own image, create a collage from other images and family photographs or make written notes. They can add stories and fairy tales, and explore the meaning of these and their symbols from other sources, remembering to pay attention to personal symbolism and how colouring and exploring death has made them feel. This puts them in touch with how comfortable they are with exploring their unconscious mind, and in particular the challenging task of looking at death, loss and endings. It is ok to feel some dark and scary things – they can be written and drawn in the session. Death can also be an exploration of ideas around regeneration, the cycles of life and rebirth, and remind us how loss has affected our lives.