From January to March 2018, we ran an 8 week series of Square the Circle workshops in West London. Here are some of the inspiring images created in the Male Female workshop. For more information on the workshops click here




Male Female Stage 1

Participants use this drawing to get into flow, colouring in the picture. While they are colouring, they reflect on what the image conjure up for them – do they identify with any characters or symbols more than others? This session is an exploration of the opposite side of their identifying gender, so male for women and female for men. Do the images and ideas emerging bring back any memories, particularly of their mother or father, or other opposite gender people in their life? Have they had any dreams that featured these characters, or similar? What does it feel like, confronting these archetypal, ancient ideas about female and male, and where does the individual fit into this?

Male Female Stage 2

In this drawing the image has been pared back to basics, so that participants can explore their own ideas of male and female. They start by treating the drawing like an inkblot, turning it round and looking from different aspects, and see if any shapes or symbols emerge, then add their own symbols, shading, people, animals, characters from stories and myths. It may be helpful to block out or shade in anything that holds no meaning to the individual participant.

Male Female Stage 3

This page gives participants space to make a note of symbols, memories and dreams conjured up by male and female imagery . They can draw their own anima or animus, remembering the exploration of one's opposite aspect. This can be the creation of a collage or written notes, including photos of people if this is meaningful. Participants also add stories and fairy tales, and explore the meaning of these and symbols from other sources. This puts them in touch with how comfortable they are with exploring the unconscious aspects of the internal self, and how far into a relationship with their opposite they are happy to go. This exploration can be a fascinating journey into one's own masculine/feminine side, and how it influences relationships externally .