The Forest: Stage 1

This drawing is used to get into the flow of forest symbolism, colouring in the picture. While colouring, participants think of what the image reminds them of – does it bring back any memories? Have they had any dreams about a forest? Does this forest they are colouring mirror feelings about going into a forest, or do they find it more frightening, darker, impenetrable? Perhaps it reminds them of stories and fairy tales – which can be thought about as they colour. These are examples of participants' work:

The Forest: London May 2017

In May we ran the Forest workshop at the London Art Therapy Centre, at the invitation of a network of Jewish women working or training in the creative therapies. Below are images from Stage 1 of the Forest:

The Forest in Bali:

below are images from stage 1 created in the forest workshop on our Bali retreat earlier in 2017

The images below are from our workshop at the International Arts in Health Conference in Brooklyn in October 2016