The Forest: Stage 2

In this drawing the forest has been pared back to its bare bones, so that participants can explore their own ideas of the forest, rather than have the artist’s symbolism imposed on them. They start by treating the drawing like an inkblot, turning it round and looking from different aspects, and see if any shapes or symbols emerge. They then add our own symbols, shading, people, animals, characters from fairy tales, and colour this in. This work is not about whether it is a ‘good’ drawing or not, it is designed to just let the ideas flow.


The Forest: London May 2017

In May we ran the Forest workshop at the London Art Therapy Centre, at the invitation of a network of Jewish women working or training in the creative therapies. Below are images from Stage 2 of the Forest:

The Forest in Bali:

Below are images created in stage two of the forest workshop on our Bali Retreat 2017

The images below are stage two images created at our workshop at the International Arts in Health conference in Brooklyn, October 2016